The 'Yvonne D'Alpra' Page

Goodnight Sweetheart
   Season 2, episode 011 (02.05):'Wish Me Luck', played 'Mrs Bloss'
   Season 2, episode 012 (02.06):'As You Wave Me Goodbye', played 'Mrs Bloss'
   Season 3, episode 018 (03.01):'It Ain't Necessarily So', played 'Mrs Bloss'
   Season 3, episode 020 (03.03):'It's A Sin To Tell A Lie', played 'Mrs Bloss'
   Season 4, episode 036 (04.09):'Heartaches', played 'Mrs Bloss'

The Professionals
   Episode 029 (03.06):'A Hiding to Nothing', played 'Mrs. Waller'

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