The 'Maurice Denham' Page

Danger Man
   Episode 076 (03.15):'Someone is Liable to Get Hurt', played 'Volos'

Doctor Who
   Season 21, story 137:'The Twin Dilemma', played 'PROFESSOR EDGEWORTH (AZMAEL)'

   Episode 027 (03.05):'Benin Bronze', played 'Sir Max Spence'

Miss Marple
   Episode 009:'4:50 From Paddington', played 'Luther Eylesbarrow'

Rumpole Of The Bailey
   Episode 020 (03.01):'Rumpole and the Old, Old Story'
   Episode 031 (04.06):'Rumpole and the Quality of Life'

Sherlock Holmes
   Episode 034 (06.02):'The Last Vampyre', played 'Reverend Merridew'

The Professionals
   Episode 020 (02.07):'Not a Very Civil Civil Servant', played 'Sir James Temple'

The Return of the Saint
   Episode 005 (01.05):'The Village That Sold Its Soul'

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