The 'Robert James' Page

Blake's 7
   Episode 001:'The Way Back', played 'Ven Glynd'

Doctor Who
   Season 04, story 030:'The Power Of The Daleks', played 'LESTERSON'
   Season 14, story 086:'The Masque Of Mandragora', played 'HIGH PRIEST'

Rumpole Of The Bailey
   Episode 031 (04.06):'Rumpole and the Quality of Life'

The Avengers
   Episode 001 (01.01):'Hot Snow', played 'Ronnie Vance'
   Episode 002 (01.02):'Brought To Book', played 'Ronnie Vance'
   Episode 057 (03.05):'Death A La Carte', played 'Mellor'
   Episode 083 (04.05):'Too Many Christmas Trees', played 'Jenkins'
   Episode 135 (06.06):'Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers...', played 'Merlin'

The Professionals
   Episode 006 (01.06):'Where the Jungle Ends', played 'Cusak'
   Episode 015 (02.02):'The Rack', played 'David Merlin'

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