The 'Sammie Winmill' Page

The Duchess Of Duke Street
   Episode 003 (01.03):'A Nice Class of Premises', played 'Ethel'
   Episode 009 (01.09):'The Outsiders', played 'Ethel'
   Episode 010 (01.10):'Lottie's Boy', played 'Ethel'
   Episode 014 (01.14):'Plain Sailing', played 'Ethel'
   Episode 020 (02.05):'The Passing Show', played 'Ethel'
   Episode 023 (02.08):'The Reluctant Warrior', played 'Ethel'

The Professionals
   Episode 001 (01.01):'Old Dog with New Tricks', played 'Young Lady'

The Tomorrow People
   Played 'Carol'

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